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How to Host an Event

Host a roundtable dialogue to initiate a deeper conversation between Native America and non-Native America towards healing and reconciliation. 


Estimated Duration: 60-90 minutes


Requirements to Host an Event: 


  1. Space to accommodate 50-100 people, sound system with microphone and speakers

  2. Fuel: refreshments, a meal or light snacks

  3. Support for Native American participant leaders and elders, especially for those traveling at a distance: travel expenses, meals, hotel accommodations or other accommodations. Suggested minimum honorarium per person: $250-$300. This should be provided by the host organization. In addition, you may ask for donations from the audience. 

  4. Community outreach and promotions: publicize the event to the larger community and bring in an audience

  5. A facilitator or moderator: someone who can facilitate the roundtable discussion among the Native American leaders, and take questions or comments from the audience.  A list of questions will be provided as a guide. 


While not a requirement, we would like as many of the RED NATIONS RISING dialogues and discussions as possible to be video recorded, so that we can share them on our website. Please be in touch with us for details. 

Thanks for submitting!

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