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Our mission

About Red Nations Rising

The objective of Red Nations Rising is twofold:


The first goal is for Native Americans to lead a similar national dialogue to Black Lives Matter, bringing national focus and a deeper understanding of Native American history to white, privileged Americans and the wider non-indigenous society. Through a deeper conversation and community dialogues, Red Nations Rising will guide the wider culture towards a healing path which restores deep respect and appreciation for indigenous traditions, language, culture, music, dance, foods and indigenous wisdom traditions. Red Nations Rising will also bring a greater awareness and critical attention to the detrimental impact of U.S. governmental historical and current policies of genocide against tribal communities in the United States.

The second objective of Red Nations Rising is for Native America and its tribal communities to define, design and participate in the healing of our own historical trauma and multi-generational grief. Red Nations Rising will begin to heal the wounds of hundreds of years of massacres, starvation, stolen children, criminalization of spiritual and sacred practices.

Community Leaders

Share in the Wisdom

Meet the tribal chiefs, elders, artists, musicians, indigenous activists and spiritual healers. Leaders of the Native American community.

Fidel Moreno


Fidel Moreno is of Huichol and Zacateco Chichimeca lineage.


He has worked for twenty-two years in suicide prevention in tribal communities and communities of color, twenty-eight years in restorative justice in tribal and non-tribal courts, and thirty-five years as an award-winning ethnographic filmmaker. In 1992, Fidel directed the award-winning Wiping the Tears of Seven Generations, depicting on film for the first time what really happened at the 1890 Wounded Knee Massacre as shared by descendants of survivors.


In addition to his documentary work, Fidel is a ceremonialist and cultural educator, human rights and water activist, and travels to assist tribal communities and communities of color where there are high rates of suicide and fentanyl overdose in both youth and young adult populations.


Fidel is also the coordinator of EagleWing Mindfulness & Somatic Learning Programs for children, teens, adults & elders. 

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Our team, dedicated to the cause

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