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A restorative justice initiative, a remembering, and a roundtable national dialogue between Native America and non-Native America oriented towards healing historical trauma and multi-generational grief. 

Watch the Replay of our first event! 

Indigenous Resilience, Reclamation & Recognition v. Removal, Dispossession & Erasure
Hosted by Cornell University


Red Nations Rising

Fidel spoke with an Interfaith Community in May 2024 on Native American history, and where we go from here. Click below to view the recording now!

Red Nations Rising: Vision for 2024 and Beyond

After the great success of our first interactive event in Conroe, TX on April 19-21, 2024, Red Nations Rising is being called to serve youth in the upcoming months. We are in development of what we envision as the EAGLECATCHER YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PROJECT to combat youth suicides, opiate overdoses and other manifestations of despair and hopelessness, with a focus on Indigenous and LGBTQ+ youth and  their communities.


We will be traveling across the United States starting with the Northeast region for June-July-August, 2024,  Northwest regions for Sept-Oct-Nov 2024, South Texas region for Dec-Jan-Feb-March, 2025 and Southwest region ( AZ, NM, CO ) for April-May and June, 2025.

This program will support youth and their communities by providing sweat lodges, psycho theater, drumming, storytelling, video and media arts, spoken word performance, poetry, singing & songwriting. We will also will be facilitating talking and creative play circles for youth and their families and allies.


We will be starting this summer at several Northeast festivals , including the Purple Sage Festival in NJ June 15th, 2024, Grassroots Festival in Ithaca, NY July 18-22 and Lionsgate Family Campout in Ithaca, NY August 9-11, 2024.

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